Rev. Yolanda


"Your goal is supported by the divine light. Be honest and true, and fortune will help you. You are protected by the light and it gives you clearest vision to avoid any danger, just donít be blinded by your ego. Stay humble, good things are on the way."

Personal note from Rev. Yolanda, 2022:

I am a trans femme gender queer singer songwriter and interfaith minister originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, "The Hit Recording Capital of the World". I'm influenced by the music of my hometown,as it intersects with the spiritual spectrum.  All the way through my life, creating art that reflected my journey in all of its challenges and enlightenment, has been what I believe is mine to do in this lifetime.

Simply Me and My Friends

Rev. Yolanda with Kenneth Gartman & Ashley Monique Menard: Friday March 18, 7pm EST at Metropolitan Zoom!

Friday March 18, 7pm EST...Calling friends from far and wide-YOU can attend from ALL OVER THE WORLD-LIVE or ON DEMAND:

2 time Mac Award winner Rev. Yolanda is doing her first cabaret show since the pandemic at Metropolitan Zoom:
Rev. Yolanda ~ Simply ME & My Friends Tickets in Click on link, NY, United States (


Listen to Yolanda's Concert Here