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If you are using Edge or  Chrome browser, a small box opens, asks you to download a RWR file, click download, then click open. 
This is a very small text file. I will be checking on other methods to stream. click RWR file where it says open file.
Several listeners have shared that an app called VLC will open and play pretty much any file. Still checking out various other streaming options. 

Len's Pride Playlist for every day of the year!

Listen here

Tom Robinson - Glad To Be Gay (Secret Policeman's Ball) 1979
Gaye Adegbalola - Queer Blues
Kevin Aviance - Power
Alix Dobkin - A Woman's Love 
Harvey Fierstein - I Am What I Am
Candye Kane - Rise Up!
Patrick Hagerty - Back In The Closet Again
Sandy Rapp - Everyone Was at Stonewall
Djola Branner - Do You Wanna Funk - Mighty Real - A Tribute to Sylvester
Sugarbeach  - Living Out Proud
Julian Marsh - Time After Time -
Denver Women's Chorus - I Am Woman
CRAYMO - Single - Be Myself
Christy Claxton - Best Loved Girl (Dance-Remix) - Best Loved Girl
Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC -  We Kiss in a Shadow
Jamie Anderson - A Family Of Friends - A Family Of Friends
Jon Gilbert Leavitt - Pride - Pride
Julia Kelly - I Am a Lesbian Now 
Lee Adam Wilshier - Lover Man -  I Need A Man
Lea DeLaria - The very best of -  People are strange
Marck Angel - Nothing (feat. Billy Hood)
Cris Williamson - Diving Wheel
Michal Nicolas - Uncovered - The Remixes -  Love Is A Battlefield (Peachy Mix)
Lori Michaels - Living My Life Out Loud -  Living My Life Out Loud
Peter Allen - Pretty, Pretty
Yolanda and the Plastic Family - Eat Me - Welcome to Yolanda World10thAnni
Ron Morris - Truth Stained Lies -March On
The Juliettes - Trevor Project - HOORAY
Tret Fure - Stone By Stone -  Welcome To America
Willie Nelson - Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other

Familiar faces, new faces, new programs, new content, new directions.

Serving the artists of 

StoneWall Society  and ChrisArts of 62901

Rainbow World Radio listener memberships available. Will also be a membership to ChrisArts of 62901 dot com. 
Members get first alerts on House Concerts, and other art related events. 
However you do not have to be a member to listen or to submit music and have your music included. 
Membership is strictly a support feature. And is $12.00 a year.

On Equal Grounds 2021