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     Have a new CD to present? Maybe an event? A book? RWR banner is a great way to promote and present. Our banner will never be more than ten images across and two rows. All images in the banner link to the artist's choice location. May be a website, or even directly to a sales page. We can and will size to fit the banner. Please submit images in any form. Proceeds of this promotion support this website. Images may be changed monthly at no additional costs. ( great for event promotion)

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Familiar faces, new faces, new programs, new content, new directions.

Serving the artists of 

StoneWall Society  and ChrisArts of 62901

Rainbow World Radio listener memberships available. Will also be a membership to ChrisArts of 62901 dot com. 
Members get first alerts on House Concerts, and other art related events. 
However you do not have to be a member to listen or to submit music and have your music included. 
Membership is strictly a support feature. And is $12.00 a year.

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