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     Rainbow World Radio opened in January of 2000. Originally a live program carried on Live365. Quickly we outgrew the limited services available there. We moved to our own domain later that same year. Rainbow World Radio - RWR remained online at the original dot com address until 2018 when founder, Len Rogers retired. RWR originated to promote an awareness of GLBT music. And as well to promote community supporters. Artists featured were members of the StoneWall Society GLBT artists Promotion. RWR featured the music of these artists as well as interviews and CD release shows. Also carried were interviews of interest to the GLBT community. 

     After the death of founder Len Rogers' husband, Chris Thomas, Len found a need fill his days. Once again Rainbow World Radio came to life, Now at our current dot net address. A slightly different but broader direction. RWR would now represent all artists that do not subscribe to or produce art with messages of hate, discrimination ,and or degradation. Too long various artists from specific communities have been discarded or forced to sit at the 'children's table'. Thus providing no real interaction or voice to these artists. RWR will open the table to all artist members. Our simple restriction is that no art dedicated or promoting a message of hate toward anyone or anything will be included. 

     RWR will feature  programs of music, interviews, CD release and listening shows, and other programs of interest to the art community and SWS and ChrisArts members. Artists do register to be included here. Artists are not required to pay any fee for resident membership and or for inclusion in our programs. Listeners are not required to pay any fee to listen to our programs. 


Membership is strictly an optional and supports RWR based programming. Persons, artists and or listeners may elect to support Rainbow World Radio with an annual membership of $12.00. This annual membership will include membership to ChrisArts of 62901 at the dot club address. members will have first access to House Concert listings and availabilities. Just select the buy now button.

Familiar faces, new faces, new programs, new content, new directions.

Rainbow World Radio listener memberships available. Will also be a membership to ChrisArts of 62901 dot com. 
Members get first alerts on House Concerts, and other art related events. 
However you do not have to be a member to listen or to submit music and have your music included. 
Membership is strictly a support feature. And is $12.00 a year.

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