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CD Release Listening / Party for  
Landyn Banx Christmas Deluxe Anniversary Edition

Listen here 

Click CD cover to visit Landyn's website.

 Album Track List

01. Fireside

02. Jingle Bells

03. Silent Night

04. Twas The Night Before Christmas

05. Angels We Have Heard On High

06. The Only Thing Missing (This Christmas Is You)

07. Christmas Medley

08. Another Christmas Alone

09. Away In A Manger

10. Fireside

11.   First Christmas Together

12. The Twelve days Of Christmas (Instrumental)

13. Long Ago On This Night

14. When Christmas Is Near

15. Go Tell It On The Mountain

16. Joy To The World

17. Auld Lang Syne

18. Fireside

19. Another Chistmas Alone (REMIX) Feat Elliott Graber & Renee Pilon)

20.Another Christmas Alone (Renee Pilon cover version)

21. The Only Thing Missing (This Christmas Is You) (Piano Version)

22. Silent Night (TECNO)

23. Silent Night )JAM)

24. Christmas Megamix

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  Bill Budd - Clark Carlton - Rev. Yolanda


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